The Curse of Beal Atha

I recently discovered that there already exists a novel series entitled “Guardians of Time”.  Guardians of Time started as Noimead, a rough translation from Gaelic, meaning “Nomads”.  Now, I am not a gaelic expert.  However, I liked the name.  Nevertheless, I grew up in an environment where I heard at least two languages being spoken at once, and sometimes three.  Through the course of my 34 year history I have studied approximately five languages.  I only speak English fluently, so my appreciation of varied spellings, pronunciations, etc…might be stretched a bit for a reading audience. This is where you come in.  What should the real title of Guardians of Time: the Curse of Beal Atha be?

1st title: The Timekeepers

2nd title: Noimead

3rd title: The Guardians

4th title: The Guardians of Time: the Curse of Beal Atha

5th title: The Curse of Beal Atha

If you’re following this blog, you’re probably aware that I’ve erased all previous posts.  Like many writers, I’m in the middle of a massive re-write.  I will probably re-post the synopsis when I feel that it properly represents the direction I’m going in.  But, at the moment, the story has remained fairly the same.  Tune-in, there are more surprises in store for our lovely Alexia Vega, Ken Castillo, and Sasha Rodriguez!  Adventures await my pretty ones…


6 thoughts on “The Curse of Beal Atha

  1. Anya J. says:

    I like either “The Curse of Beal Atha” or “The Timekeepers”. Hope this helps!

  2. Derrick Ferdindand-Bessant says:

    I like The Curse of Beal Atha.

  3. Hanna Randle says:

    I hope a millions of people buy your book when its published. 😀

  4. Ian Fox says:

    “The Timekeepers”!

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