Trim Castle, a place of possibilities for fictional character Anrothan

Trim Castle, a place of possibilities for fictional character Anrothan

The author, Britta, in front of one of her research sites for the book.


Return from Ireland

Part of Guardians of Time: The Curse of Beal Atha is set in 1160s Ireland.  This is before the Normans came.  And my characters intend to upset some of the factors that led to that Norman invasion, with the intention of rewriting Ireland’s history.  Will they?  

I ventured to Ireland for two weeks to see if what I imagined as a probable landscape for my characters actually might represent Ireland in the 1160s.  My respect for historians has increased greatly, because it is very hard to retrace 853 years of history in two weeks, let alone in one lifetime.  

I enjoyed the fact that the story of Ireland’s history depends on who is telling it.  I started my journey in Belfast where I felt it was necessary not only to find out pre-Norman, post-Norman history but also investigate the narratives of those who lived during the Troubles.  I ventured further south to the Boyne Valley and drove across to Sligo, concentrating on the territories of three notable chieftains, Tiernan O’Rourke the king of Briefne, Ruari O’Connor, and the notorious Diarmait Mac Murchada.  Now, I am using the anglicized spellings because I’m afraid of messing up the Gaelic spelling.

I am thankful to friends in Belfast who helped me become acquainted with Irish culture and prepared me for the solo trek across the rest of what used to be the ancient kingdoms of Meath and Briefne.

I ended my quest for historical facts, imaginative worlds, myths and tokens of magic atop the hill of Tara.  It was fitting that the last site I should see would be the stone of destiny.  

I can feel Ireland in my blood, and I hope that more of that blessed land lives in this series I’ve created.  I will post a few pictures that are pertinent to the book as I take a break from heavy editing and re-writes on the Ireland sections of The Curse of Beal Atha.

Thanks for taking the time to check on the progress of the novel.  Your support is appreciated.  Tune in soon for a new sample chapter to be unveiled.

The Curse of Beal Atha

I recently discovered that there already exists a novel series entitled “Guardians of Time”.  Guardians of Time started as Noimead, a rough translation from Gaelic, meaning “Nomads”.  Now, I am not a gaelic expert.  However, I liked the name.  Nevertheless, I grew up in an environment where I heard at least two languages being spoken at once, and sometimes three.  Through the course of my 34 year history I have studied approximately five languages.  I only speak English fluently, so my appreciation of varied spellings, pronunciations, etc…might be stretched a bit for a reading audience. This is where you come in.  What should the real title of Guardians of Time: the Curse of Beal Atha be?

1st title: The Timekeepers

2nd title: Noimead

3rd title: The Guardians

4th title: The Guardians of Time: the Curse of Beal Atha

5th title: The Curse of Beal Atha

If you’re following this blog, you’re probably aware that I’ve erased all previous posts.  Like many writers, I’m in the middle of a massive re-write.  I will probably re-post the synopsis when I feel that it properly represents the direction I’m going in.  But, at the moment, the story has remained fairly the same.  Tune-in, there are more surprises in store for our lovely Alexia Vega, Ken Castillo, and Sasha Rodriguez!  Adventures await my pretty ones…